Custom Mattress Company in Spokane Valley, WA

An affordable and comfortable custom mattress is hard to find, so we make everything available to you in one place to fit your budget. Located in Spokane Valley, WA Twilight Bedding specializes in manufacturing custom mattresses at unbeatable prices. We can make any mattress that big companies make at half the price because they are made in store. From custom mattresses to adjustable models, we've got the sleep surface for you.

We have a large inventory for you to choose from and we offer FREE local delivery with the purchase of a $500 mattress set. If you have specific needs, we'll make a FRESH mattress for you. When you purchase a mattress from Twilight Bedding you'll get the best sleep money can buy!
Call us at 888-736-0888 to place your order today!
You are a call away from perfect sleep.
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